We at Eton International School are committed to provide each child with an equal opportunity to acquire basic education, through an integrated and holistic approach of learning.

We train our students on how to take part and adapt to the community.

We teach our students how to trust themselves and their abilities.

We influence the importance of individual differences and accepting that everyone has their own expertise

We at Eton, educate your kids on the values of love, respect, honesty and self-expression

We provide State of the Art materials and technologies, which contribute to the therapeutic development of your children, and ensures a successful program

We are the very 1 st learning center in the country to offer a comprehensive program at an early age that integrates a speech therapy program in the curriculum

We offer a unique program in which we give parents counseling about the needs of their children, and guide them as their children grow up to become future leaders for their generation.

We have a successful team who are committed to implement our program wholeheartedly to impart knowledge, unconditional love, and care to meet the needs of every child and their families emotionally, socially and physically.

At Eton we are committed to the following:

  • Our aim is to be globally competitive in the field of early childhood education in developing complete childhood overall skills.
  • The integration of state of the art technologies to enhance their creativity skills.
  • Value the safety of our children, henceforth, we provide them high-quality furniture and equipment that are age-appropriate and safe to use.
  • The development of language, motor skills, sensory, cognitive-academics of our children.
  • We offer a clean and healthy environment which is essential to learning and establishing the basic principles.
  • Our professionals are certified early childhood educators who are highly qualified experts in implementing the early years program.
  • We envision ourselves to be the best learning institution in this country and to establish a successful image for our future generations.


We have two (2) classes: Arabic and English.

We are using different strategies and methods to teach our children. The kids will learn through interactive learning such as play based learning, music, dance and multi-sensory approach wherein they will learn through exploring their surrounding with the use of their senses. These are all essentials in the foundation years of a child during his early years of development.

Our program includes the following:

  • Quran Kareem and Islamic Etiquette
  • Sensory activities
  • Good communication and expression.
  • Independence skills and self-reliance.
  • Pre-writing activities
  • Cognitive
  • Sport activities.
  • Artistic activity.
  • Pre-school skills (number skills, pre-reading skills, writing and science) inEnglish
  • and in Arabic Language.
  • Discovery and exploration.
  • Creativity and innovation.


The program is annually and we offer many options

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We are a new education center based in Duhail, Doha offering specialised learning tuition and educational psychology services for young people, from early years to young adulthood. We are a new education center based in Duhail, Doha offering specialised

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